Friday, March 7, 2008

How About You?

I'm feeling a bit strung out. Lots of stresses, not so much humor, and while it is true that we can always find something to be grateful for, it's been a hard winter. I've learned a lot...mostly that I am not in control. So, this picture of a vineyard in winter means a great deal to me.

It is my view called "hope." These vines don't look so good. The are just hanging there, brown and scraggly, and in need of pruning--ouch! Even in this state, they still carry the hope of growth and leaves and fruit. Spring and summer will tell.

It is fun to think about the possible fruit of the pruning, and stress and long wintering in my life. I'd like to view the thick green leaves, and the heavy flavor-laden grapes.

Yet, right now, I'm only seeing an image of hope, and hard believing in the words that, "Hope does not disappoint!"


Heather said...

What would we do without hope! It's amazing what we can get out of an image and I can so relate to what this image did for you! And is sure is hard to learn that we aren't in control and there is nothing we can do to control things around us! I have been learning some very big lessons on that this year and although they have been hard, they have been worth it and I know I am a better person because of it. I'll be praying that you will see the green very very soon! Love you!

COMamabear said...

What a wonderful insight!! I'm afraid I tend to forget to see the potential for GOOD in most things. Excellent reminder for me.

Praying for you!

- Katie(CO)

Lynn said...

This means so much to me today. I have had some disappointments this past year and sometimes I'm afraid to even hope that things will get better. Thank you for reminding me to hope.


Bonita said...

I'm in the vineyard with you in a lot of ways. Thanks so much for the visual and the words. The thing that came to mind as I read your post is that when your vineyard starts producing again it will be a bumper crop. You give so much to others and I've no doubt it will all return to you- in God's timing. Until then- hope.