Friday, March 7, 2008

How About You?

I'm feeling a bit strung out. Lots of stresses, not so much humor, and while it is true that we can always find something to be grateful for, it's been a hard winter. I've learned a lot...mostly that I am not in control. So, this picture of a vineyard in winter means a great deal to me.

It is my view called "hope." These vines don't look so good. The are just hanging there, brown and scraggly, and in need of pruning--ouch! Even in this state, they still carry the hope of growth and leaves and fruit. Spring and summer will tell.

It is fun to think about the possible fruit of the pruning, and stress and long wintering in my life. I'd like to view the thick green leaves, and the heavy flavor-laden grapes.

Yet, right now, I'm only seeing an image of hope, and hard believing in the words that, "Hope does not disappoint!"

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Don't Remember Seeing This Before...

Since a picture is worth a multitude of words, I guess I am going to have to have my camera with me at all times in the future, because I missed the two shots that might have increased your interest and enjoyment of the following observations: 

Several days ago, in a car headed downtown, passing woods along one side,  I noticed a tree with two large Red-tailed Hawks sitting in it. They were on different branches, facing in opposite directions about eight to ten feet apart. In all of my nature watching, and I love to pay attention to the various hawks along the road and highways, I don't remember ever seeing two so close together. 

I looked up the mating time for these birds and it is late winter, early spring, but I'm wondering if there is any other reason for their behavior. 

And as if this wasn't enough,  my husband and I were coming home this afternoon on a two lane country road, when another Red-tail picked up off a deer carcass and circled in the air till we passed. I did a bit of research on this occurrence and found that some sources say Red-tails do not eat carrion, and others say, when food is scarce they do. Well, like the familiar Bible verse, "I don't know about that, but this I do know....I saw it, and so did my husband." 

So, keep watching and keep encouraging your children to take an interest in what is around them, observing season by season, so that they may intrigued when they see something that is  "different!" 

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Seeing Some Things As They Aren't

Between our home and the grocery store is a road with a series of capped pipes. 

However, this one made me laugh out loud, bringing up the memory of an old childhood story character.

While some may drive by and just see  iron pipes, I am left searching for a snowman... 

Frosty, where did you go? All that's left is your hat!

Perhaps you'd like to join with me in searching out creative sights in the all too familiar scenes around us. It certainly adds spice to life!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter Bouquet?

Winter's beauty may not be as evident as spring or summer, but line and design, and texture are in abundance in the plants scattered over the brown or snow-covered ground, by the creek side, and across the meadows. Even cities hide a curving weed stem, with empty seed coats still attached, just waiting to be found in cracks and crevices . 

Adults and children will have fun searching the winterscape for interesting additions to a cold-weather bouquet. Gathered weeds, berries, grasses, all join together to form a collection just right for a sketch. Or, if you happen to be in an area where you cannot actually gather specimens, then photograph them, and use the pictures to create a sketched bouquet later.

Who would have thought...a winter bouquet! What does your collection look like? Did you find any color?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ever wonder what the beach looks like when it's not summer vacation time? Look at this beautiful Lake Michigan beach in winter; no tourists, no swimmers, no suntan lotion, no sunburns and no picnic foods. But it's still beautiful, isn't it? The beach grass is dormant now, covered with snow and ice. The waves are just as beautiful- bigger perhaps. The sand is still sandy and the wind is still blowing. How many other things do we associate with only one season? The beauty of God's creation knows no boundaries- including seasons.
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